Be delighted... The unrivalled collection of English Classics, fragranced with unique floral and herb essential oil blends, you will find the key to chic personality and irresistible charm.


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Our Story

1749 John Potter & William Moore physic gardeners from Mitcham in Surrey founded Potter & Moore

English Classics 1749

1940's Star Approval


Potter & Moore's Mitcham Lavender is treasured for its deep refreshing fragrance which lasts long after other perfumes have lost their appeal. You will find that it soothes, refreshes and always adds to the charm of life."


Christmas - 1957

Male Grooming taken care of.

the 60's in Colour



Our Story

John Potter, born in 1688 and William Moore a few years later, both descendents of well-known Mitcham families, became associated and founded the business of Potter and Moore in the year 1749. They were known at that time as physic gardeners and their operations included the cultivation of herbs and flowers. Lavender was their speciality. John and William took their knowledge and expertise in working with natural ingredients and applied it to creating fine bath, body and beauty products. They believed that personal individuality is created by the harmonious use of a fragrance that will blend with every mood and need. Their reputation for fine beauty products flourished and made them a National success.

Throughout time Potter and Moore has been revered by the famous, the celebrated and the discerning, Gracie Fields, to speak of one opened our new factory on July 4th 1937. Celebrating the bicentenary of Potter and Moore Ltd in 1949, our then Chairman, Arther E Pitt made the following statement: �The success of an undertaking does not depend upon its buildings, location or age, but on the loyalty, intelligence, good will and cooperation of those to whom the fortunes of the company are entrusted from time to time�. Countless loyal hearts have played their part, and the tradition which has been established and which those assembled today have so gallantly carried on, should be an example to those that come after.� That was our legacy then and remains with us to this day and what better way to celebrate than with a classic collection of heritage inspired products.


English Classics





John Potter and William Moore's reputation was built on producing natural bath and beauty products and that tradition flourishes today with our English Classics range. Each formulation has been carefully created with the finest selection of natural ingredients and essential oils. Our natural blends and modern combinations of classic floral and herb essential oils, have been selected to reflect over 250 years of expertise and embrace the benefits of using natural ingredients in beauty care. Our skin kindly formulations are also: Free from parabens. Free from sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate.


Lavender & Italian Lemon:-

Spiced Tuberose & Orchid:-

Bergamot & Green Ginger:-

Tea Rose & Sage:-

Orange Flower & Amber:-



The Secret to Natural Glamour

A signature fragrance is a must-have for every elegant modern women; but these days it�s almost impossible to find a fragrance that reflects your true personality or one that isn�t worn by everyone else. If you want the essence of true sophistication to linger around you every day you must look for a fresh, natural fragrance that carries with it the glamour of centuries and age old traditions.

In short you should look no further than Potter and Moore who have been creating authentic English fragrances using the finest selection of natural ingredients and essential oils for hundreds of years. Their modern combinations of classic floral and herbal oils are blended together using traditional perfumery ingredients and expertise to create simple, yet sophisticated fragrances with a modern twist on classic perfume notes.
In 1749 when physic gardeners John Potter and William Moore began to develop their collection of beautiful perfumes and lotions they believed that personal individuality was created by the harmonious use of a fragrance that blends with your every mood and need. This philosophy still stands at the heart of every Potter and Moore blend today, allowing them to capture the romance of old time glamour in a modern fragrance.
Throughout time Potter and Moore�s elegant unguents have been loved by the famous, celebrated and discerning, including celebrities such as Gracie Fields, to name but one. This old English company is continually evolving, applying its traditional skills and knowledge to each passing era to create authentic, feminine products that reflect the romance and charm of British cottage industry.
The new English Classics range from Potter and Moore has been carefully crafted in line with this legacy. Each product is created to nourish and care for your skin while leaving you with a truly sophisticated fragrance. Potter and Moore�s passion for fragrance and natural ingredients is borne out by the fact that the entire range is paraben, sodium laureth sulphate and sodium laurel sulphate free. Each product has been lovingly created using natural herbal and floral oils blended together to highlight your individual personality and style.

Lavender and Italian Lemon � a fragrance to add to the charm of life
The traditional and classic scent of lavender is given a modern twist with a delicate and refreshing hint of Italian Lemon.

Tea Rose and Sage � a fragrance to enhance your enduring loveliness
The romance of the garden rose is given a herbal twist with a hit of classic, earthy sage.

Orange Flower and Amber � a fragrance to heighten your natural radiance
These classic perfumery ingredients combine to create a beautiful fragrance. The uplifting notes of the orange flower are perfectly matched to the velvety warmth of precious amber.

Spiced Tuberose and Orchid � a fragrance to captivate your natural bloom
The exotic floral scent of the spicy tuberose melds together with the crushed Orchid petals to create a truly sensual perfume.

Green Ginger and Bergamot � a fragrance to give you confidence and poise
The vibrant citrus notes of bergamot and the earthiness of fresh green ginger create an enlivening but subtly soothing scent.

Potter and Moore have created a range of products in each fragrance so your entire beauty routine will enhance your natural, signature fragrance. These beautifully packaged products will give your bathroom self an air of classic sophistication, if you can bear to leave them alone long enough.

Your daily signature scent ritual

Light a Potter and Moore Candle (�20.00/200g) in your favourite scent and indulge yourself with a softly scented bath with Potter and Moore Bathing Milk (�20.00/175ml) with aloe vera to smooth your skin.

Gently whisk away dry skin with the Cane Sugar Body Exfoliator (�25.00/150g) with shea butter and cocoa butter to nourish your body, then wash with a Fine Triple Milled Soap (�15.00/2x100g) which contains 25 per cent moisturising cream to prevent dryness. Follow with the Luxury Body Cr�me (�25.00/150ml) with pure honey and cocoa and shea butters to leave your skin perfectly smooth and softly scented.

Finally spritz on your signature Eau De Toilette (�35.00/100ml) and leave the house knowing that the scent of true elegance will follow your every move.

The House of Potter & Moore �
A true and fascinating story begun amidst quaint hamlets and the fertile fields of Old England carried forward through the glamour and sophistication of the 1920�s and 30�s; but also a dream of well being that resonates powerfully in the fast paced and high stress society of today, where an oasis of calm and beauty is still as vital and appealing as ever.

� celebrating the history of natural fragrance blending!

� English Classics; a modern setting for the quality, natural glamour and prestige often only ever associated with bygone era



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